We are happily enjoying a bit of a 'hibernation' season - we definitely slow down our production this time of year. So, please be patient if any orders you place take a bit longer to fill than usual. We still check our email and social media *all* the time, though - so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or requests.

Meanwhile, you can order most of our products on our website, or just email us for a time to drop by the house (sometimes the Online Order page is buggy...) . This time of year we hear from people shopping for Valentine's gifts, host/ess gifts, or planning ahead for Mother's/Father's Day - makes a perfect 'local' gift! (

Custom gift wrap available, plus baskets for any budget!)

Love jam? You can always host a freeTasting Party!  

Invite your guests, and we'll bring a selection of jams to taste with snacks that complement each flavor.

We can provide some culinary history, and suggest a choice of beverages to offer alongside.

Contact us and we'll design the experience (or custom-prep a cocktail recipe!) to suit your taste and schedule.

If you have a local business and would like to collaborate with us on these, let us know!

We think it could be a fun way to highlight all that Boxborough has to offer.

Order directly from the site, or email us at info@stowawaypreserves.com for more info!

We're grateful for this Beacon article for highlighting our local, low sugar, and community-centric philosophies.



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