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If you can see this page, you've been granted priority,  'sneak peek' access to our bonus batch of Cord's award-winning Black 'n Blue jam.

This jam was our fastest-selling product when we launched SAP in the week leading up to Christmas, 2017. We didn't have much, and what we did have was gone in under 36 hours. 

Because we limit ourselves to locally-grown and hand-picked fruit, there was no way we could replenish our stock (till the berries are back in season)... or was there?

Have you seen those car shows, or heard 'weird inheritance' stories in which unexpected treasures are found, just waiting to be discovered, in old barns and attics? 

Well, in *this* story, we found a treasure-trove of local, hand-picked blueberries and blackberries... in Cord's sister's freezer. As it turns out, she's fallen in love with our Apple Pie Jam, and so it was an easy decision for her to trade us her frozen stash for 'jam futures' in her favorite flavor.

A few careful test batches later, and we are excited to offer YOU - our best customers and supporters - first crack at this special, surprise stock of BnB. 

We'll open it up to the public in a week (and even then, at a limited number of jars per order), but if you want to snap up your share, pop on over to the bottom of the Order Page, and fill out a 'pre-order' for BnB. You can come pick it up, or we can bring it to any locals (or hold onto it if you are traveling). 

It is our small way of saying 'thanks!' for being a part of our labor of love project. We look forward to growing our family or SAP fans even more this year, but you core supporters will always be special in our books.

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