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Dear Customers:

While the pandemic is resolving in our area, thanks to the strong uptake of vaccines (yay, science!),

the last year has had a big impact on our outlook and the re-setting of our priorities.

Here's our current situation:  

- we are currently NOT stocking jam, but are open to taking orders via pre-arrangement, with a 1-2 week turnaround

- our preferred route of orders at present is to email us after looking at the online menu to see which flavors we can make

- when we have 'on hand' jars (typically after we have made a batch in response to an order request), we will post here and on Facebook and Instagram

- we can ship within MA, using USPS one-price boxes: fee of $16 for up to 8 jars / $22 for up to 12 jars

Our largest driving motivations for launching this jam 'project' several years ago was to a) support local farmers, b) celebrate our agricultural roots, c) connect with our neighbors and d) share our love for the flavor of hyperlocal food.

All of these goals are also achieved via our latest collaborative project, the FreeBee Network and Market. The market was launched in May, 2021, with combined goals of bringing neighbors together - in person! - to share our bounty, from our gardens and from local stores and farms, to promote backyard gardening, and to serve as a face-to-face 'buy nothing' group with a focus on sustainable living and eating.


The next FreeBee events are scheduled for July 10 and 14, and we'd love to see you there!

If you are interested in learning more, or how to get involved, follow us on Facebook, or Instagram,

and/or fill out this short form. You can also email us at

While we are happy to provide jam as a source of local food, we are fortunate to have 'day jobs'

that support our household, and thus are not dependent on jam sales for our livelihood.

We're grateful for this Beacon article for highlighting our local, low sugar, and community-centric philosophies.

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