Dear Customers:

In the current pandemic situation, we are all adjusting

many aspects of our lives, and SAP is no different in that regard.

Here's our current situation:  

- we are stocking 8oz jars, at present; all are $7 each

- our 'on hand' flavors are listed below

- any additional flavors listed as 'in stock' can be made with a 7 (or less) day turnaround

(please email if you are placing a time-sensitive order)

- we can take special orders for 4oz jars ($5 each), with a minimum order of 10 jars/flavor - bulk pricing negotiable 

- we are happy to offer local porch deliveries and pick-ups, but greatly prefer online / digital payment options

- we can ship within MA, using USPS one-price boxes: fee of $16 for up to 8 jars / $22 for up to 12 jars

Currently on-hand (only a few jars of each):

Rasperine Jam - brand new in 2020! Raspberries, Nectarines, White Peaches

Ginger Peach Jelly - one of our most versatile, equally good on pancakes, with cheese, or in a cocktail (final batch!)

Queen's Jam - an all-time fav: Raspberry+Blueberry+Blackcurrant, a balanced jar of berry goodness

Simply Strawberry - pure, classic deliciousness

(coming next weekend): Apple Pie Jam - all the classic Pie flavor, but no crust = no gluten!

Our biggest request is that anyone who is in a position to do so, please find ways to support other

local businesses, and also the essential workers who are risking their own health to support the rest of us.

While we are happy to provide jam as a source of local food, we are fortunate to have 'day jobs'

that support our household, and thus are not dependent on jam sales for our livelihood.

But we are investing considerable funds (more than our jam sales, by far) to support the local economy, and our neighbors.

If you are able, please consider similar options available to you!

Order directly from the site, or email us at for more info!

We're grateful for this Beacon article for highlighting our local, low sugar, and community-centric philosophies.